Cyber Resilience


Global Resilience – Cyber Resilience

Global Resilience Partners provides world leading education, technology and operational design in the cyber resilience and security sector. We have a depth of knowledge and experience that has been developed both in the UK and abroad, across a number of sectors. This includes the UK’s nuclear industry in support of operational sites, policing and security, nuclear decommissioning and the Office of Nuclear Regulation.

Our Cyber Resilience offering provides resilience and security expertise across a number of sectors. We have proven experience in designing and implementing solutions for major events, critical infrastructure and business. Our Solutions will:

  • Train and educate your people
  • Protect your web
  • Secure your cloud and servers
  • Design the most appropriate and secure Information Management solutions
  • Reduce and prevent advanced threats.

We provide an integrated approach to designing cyber-security and resilience as a complete solution to all threats to your data storage, information exchange, IT and communication systems, software and applications.

We offer the following innovative services to minimise the impact of cyber threat and attack to your organisation:

  • Training and mentoring from recognised experts
  • Operational design to support a culture of cyber security and resilience
  • Technology solutions through innovative design.

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