Beirut Safer City


Beirut Safer City

Beirut city is at constant threat from security and terrorist incident. Lebanon’s Ministry of the Interior has recently invested in the design and build of a new Policing and Security Command and Control (C2) centre to receive intelligence and information from security agencies and sensor technologies and to provide C2 decision-making on a 24/7 basis. Following our introduction by the UK Government, Global Resilience was engaged to design the concept of operations for the C2 centre and to design an information exchange model to support policing and security operations.

Working with Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces, Global Resilience undertook all the necessary analysis to understand the scope and scale of the required work. This provided the foundation for the design of the processes for intelligence and information exchange, operational planning and security decision-making.

This approach and the resulting capability marks a step-change in the way that security and policing response capability is discharged across Beirut.

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