About Us


About Us

“Global Resilience works with its customers collaboratively and cooperatively to understand, design and implement the most appropriate resilience and security solutions”.


Global Resilience is a UK consultancy specialising in the provision of resilience and security design and training solutions. This includes the 2012 Olympic Games, the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the London Resilience Team and Government’s Department for Energy and Climate Change (now know as the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy).

We have proven experience of designing and delivering complex resilience, security and training solutions to Government departments and commercial organisations in the UK and abroad.

We are a UK based, British company, trusted by the UK Government and the UKTI.


Our proven approach involves positive engagement with our customers to fully understand the scope and scale of their security and resilience needs.

Working with the customer we design and plan the most appropriate solutions.

We will deliver and implement the agreed solution, to include training, testing and progressive assurance throughout.

Finally, we will dedicate time to knowledge transfer to minimise the reliance on future third party involvement.

Global Resilience's core values are predicated on the understanding that we shall be partnering for success with all our customers.

We operate with honesty so that our engagement, design, delivery and knowledge transfer is transparent to our customers. We operate with integrity to offer people of the highest calibre and with the most relevant experience, and to deliver the most appropriate resilience and security solutions.

We have the flexibility to adapt rapidly to changing environments balanced by the need for a structured and robust delivery ethos.

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